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Create a custom marketing & sales playbook for your manufacturing business!

Today’s industrial buyers want to work with companies and people that are helpful first. Buyers are just a click away from a dozen of other manufacturers with the same product you sell, at a good price, with great quality.
Attend Industrial Inbound Summit 2018 and learn why your mindset is the first place to look for growth and then how to position your manufacturing business for success in a hyper-competitive digital world. During this one-day event, you’ll create your custom manufacturing marketing & sales playbook with expert instruction from our speakers and on-site marketing advisors.



Todd Hockenberry
Owner, Top Line Results

A Culture of Customer First - Why Growing Sales Today Starts With Internal Change

Manufacturers that will thrive in the age of buyer control and digital disruption will be those that become inbound organizations. Learn how companies are adopting these ideas to achieve remarkable results.


Steve James
Partner, Stream Creative

Integrated Inbound: Build Your Framework with a Combined Traditional and Digital Marketing Plan

In this presentation, you’ll learn about inbound marketing, why it works for manufacturers, and the steps to build a successful, optimized marketing strategy to attract leads and customers.


Wayne Breitbarth
LinkedIn Trainer & Consultant, Power Formula LLC

A Manufacturer's Step by Step Guide to Generating Leads on LinkedIn

In this session, Wayne will outline the specific Linkedin steps to find, connect and communicate your marketing message and generate a steady stream of leads.


Jeff Coon
Partner, Stream Creative

The Secret Formula for Sales Success

Learn how to leverage simple, yet powerful, influence techniques and technology to shorten the sales cycle and create a repeatable process for your industrial sales team.


Tony Gnau
Founder & Chief Storytelling Officer, T60 Productions

Dangling the Carrot: Using Video to Lure Manufacturing Customers and Help Close the Deal

Learn how to retain customers, gain more customers, and close the deal with video. Tony will explain how video storytelling successfully reels-in and guides customers and prospects.


Jason Zenger & Jim Carr
Hosts & Manufacturing Experts, MakingChips Podcast

All About Audience: Building a Brand with Content Marketing

Content marketing is an ongoing mission to serve an audience that evolves over time. In this session, you'll learn how to identify opportunities and build a unique strategy to grow your manufacturing business.

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